Here is our story… (1950 - 2004)

The founder of our company is Nejat Dilmen. He managed our company between 1950-1989. The company was later managed by his wife Ayten Dilmen between 1989-1992. It has been managed by Alp Dilmen, who has been working in our company since 1992, and Ata Dilmen, who has been working since 1987, and is a family company that has been active since Arzu Dilmen started to work in 2004.


The first field of activity in the establishment of our company is international customs brokerage. Between 1950-1960 the leading companies in Turkey, Koç Group, Yalova Fiber, Textile etc. Booth. companies such as intense customs procedures were carried out. 1960 at the end to increase trade with Yalova fiber factory in Italy, to have serious problems in land transport, founder Nejat Dilmener in Turkey can enter the European Union, thinking you could end the customs brokerage business and encouragement in this direction themselves our customers with that of 1960 finally, Fiat 43 brand trucks were purchased from Italy and the International Land Transport Sector was launched.


In the early 1970s, it became one of the biggest companies of that time with a fleet of 100 trucks operating within its own body. The Italian line was the strongest in that period, and thousands of tons of soda were transported in Romania and Bulgaria. In 1989, after the death of Nejat Dilmen, Alp Dilmen and Ata Dilmen established the company’s own foreign office in Romania. Our office in Romania is the first private international shipping company in this country. With the opening of the Romanian office, changes in the activities of the company started. vehicles sold in Turkey, the Romanians were plated vehicles. The reason is that the cost of a car in Turkey at that time is to take two vehicles in Romania.


After entering the Romanian market emerging Romanian communism is very good relations with the Middle East and has been found to the Middle East, leading to thousands of Romanian TIR country to blank return, and we initiated these tools to work finding Romania to return cargo from Turkey. Large contracts with Good Year and Pirelli companies provided cargo to these vehicles and thousands of trucks were loaded.


Between 1990-2000, Romania and Turkey, with shipments made between Turkey and Romania, our company has become the market leader. After 16 years of experience outside of Romania Romania Turkey from our customers in order to realize the demands of transport between Romania and France, the French capital has started its activities in 2004, our office in Paris, France. Our company Turkey, Romania and France have their own offices, the services we provide to our customers in the development of our company and our customers contribute their advantages have begun to bring along.


Romanian-tools we install in France according to our customers’ requests and demands from France to Romania or France is created the possibility of loading in Turkey, but in our vehicles from France to Turkey from Turkey due to the absence of our cargo shortage Romania too fast we are loading it in a way. Thanks to our ability to load these triples, we do not have difficulty in supplying loads to our vehicles, and since we load our vehicles with 3 countries, we provide a significant decrease in freight charges and therefore the costs of our customers.


The most important factors in making this loading organization are being the 2nd generation, the travels we have made to all European countries, as well as our drivers, working in the same sector for years, the experiences we have experienced, the training we have done with all our employees in our office, our experienced friends, a young and dynamic. we have a team, we can speak Romanian, English, French, all our offices are interconnected, we have the desire and vision to make mutual profit with our customers rather than the idea of ​​making a lot of profit. We always put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and work that way. We proceed by constantly trying to improve ourselves without tricking anyone, lying, giving incomplete information. Being dynamic but absolutely careless, growing slowly but surely, and most importantly, being honest have enabled us to become a reliable company that employs 133 shipping companies, apart from their own vehicles that work with over 250 customers.