Highway Transport

As Rapid Logistics; Turkey and Italy from Italy to the shipping needs between 43 models of Fiat tractors they need to begin to International Road Transport. The countries that we mainly served in the first years were Italy, Germany and Austria. Export shipments were made to this country from Turkey. Return loads for Turkey and Middle East were loaded again and served in this way. In the same years, tons of soda transports from Bulgaria were carried out with truck organizations. Today, we provide transportation services to Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan and Iran. At the same time we make transportation by road to Turkey from those countries.


We serve highway transports;

From Turkey to Romania, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Morocco and Austria

From Romania to Turkey, Poland, Ukraine and Russia

From Russia to Turkey, Kazakhstan, Romania and Uzbekistan.

Also we work on partial transportation from Turkey to Romania, Russia and Morocco.


We have been transporting for many decades. Working with many countries for years has brought us different experiences. One of them was that we needed to take steps in accordance with the tradition of doing business in the country to be dealt with. We have observed that each country has a communication culture within itself and we have drawn our way accordingly. The idea of gaining together and growing rather than making profit continued our success. Gathering people of different cultures under the umbrella of Rapid made our communication with our customers healthier. As Rapid Logistics, we put ourselves in the shoes of you, our customers, and work for the satisfaction of our customers. We continue our way with a smiling face, business discipline and our most important value, trust. Our experienced staff takes the necessary precautions at the beginning without any problems and delivers your transport safely. Be one of our over 250 customers who prefer us and take a safe service from Rapid Logistics! You can get offers from our site to learn about prices.


Let’s take a safe journey together, let your brand grow!