Maritime Transport

We provide fast and reliable logistics support through our International Maritime Transport by our expert team. The fact that our company activity in the early years was the International Road Transport enabled us to gain a new experience for each kilometer on land. With these experiences, we have been able to remain as a reliable company for decades. We decided to do International Sea Freight with the same vision so that our customers can trust us on every road.


We always take into account the feedback of our customers and continue our work in this direction. The fact that we are dynamic, attentive and most importantly honest has enabled us to be a company working with over 250 customers. You can trust us in this way and you can be sure that we will value your shipping as much as you do.


In world trade, approximately 70% of the transportations are made by sea. This method is generally preferred for heavy loads. At the same time, sea transportation is more economical than land and air transportation. You can transport tons of cargo conveniently and safely to the relevant port at once. Compared to other methods, it is possible to reach all over the world. The goods are loaded on the ships and the process ends with the delivery to the port in the country of destination. If you want your goods to go carefully and safely in international waters, the right address will be Rapid for you. You can get offers from our site to learn about prices.